I am too wordy for the existing Ironman site

Erin set up a site that, for me, turned into a training blog of sorts. See http://www.austin2imcda08.bravehost.com/taline.html. I am using it beyond what was intended, so rather than max out my word limits, I am changing venues.

It helps me to record my efforts towards Coeur d’Alene and to know that some of the people who care about me also care about this particular goal of mine. On the surface, it’s an M dot goal, but really the idea is to do something that will completely alter my view of what is within my reach. This distance is admittedly insane. I have an extremely ordinary body and no ability, except possibly in the pool, that accurately would be characterized as speed. Is desire enough? I hope so. I believe so. I have just over eight months to make it so.

One thought on “I am too wordy for the existing Ironman site

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