Oh my goodness. I’m back from Corpus, having done the MS150 for the second year in a row. The two big differences between this year and last were (1) I had a friend with me and (2) there was an unbearable headwind almost the entire way. Last year, I rode alone and met people along the way. It was a beautiful, still weekend, and the ride felt literally painless. This year, I had one of my very best friends with me – which made the weekend so much more fun – but the ride hurt. I struggled with the headwind the entire time. I had my head down, and I felt like I was having to mash much of the time just to keep moving forward. At times, I even found it difficult to drink because doing so meant releasing my death grip on the handlebars. Once or twice, when we were not facing the headwind, I thought the side wind would knock me over. It was nuts. The time on the bike tested my patience. I could have turned into a grump except that Catherine was with me and I knew we were riding for a good cause. All in all though, we had a great time. I camped for the first time ever, and I got to hang out for two days with Catherine and my parents. Mom and Dad were about as cute as I’ve ever seen them cheering like crazy people on the sidelines. I’m lucky to have been able to do the ride and to have had such great company.

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