I hurt the day after.

I am home from D.C. and extremely happy to see my boy. The only negative aside from my bag being lost on the way home is that I’m moving terribly slowly, particularly up and down stairs. I hurt worse than I’ve hurt after any triathlon. Running just hurts.

I’m still pretty proud that I kept moving yesterday, but I’m determined to move faster the next time around. My favorite sign during the marathon said, “Channel your inner Kenyan.” I need to channel my inner Kenyan towards the Austin marathon. I’ll take tomorrow off and then hit the pool and the roads again on Wednesday. My first race is on November 11, in just two weeks. It’s a 10 mile run, which I will aim to do in 2 hours – a 12 mile pace. Particularly after this slow weekend, that would be huge for me, but I believe it’s doable.

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