If you wonder why I do this…

Earlier this morning, a top marathoner died after collapsing five miles into his race at the Olympic trials. He was 28. I don’t know what he died of exactly, but doesn’t that sort of unexpected death make you think you have to start, right now, doing whatever’s on your mind? I am lucky to have my health, and I know that could change at any moment. Doesn’t it just make sense to try whatever you want to do, even if at first the idea seems absurd? Einstein is attributed with saying, “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” I believe that. Why spend a bunch of time doing the ordinary? Isn’t it worthwhile to work towards something that, at first, seems impossible? Something that, if you succeed, will make you believe that anything is within your reach? I think so.

This morning, I ran with my sister, Caroline. She had never been on the trails around Lady Bird Lake, so I took her there and showed her the 7- and 5-mile loops. That girl has absolutely no sense of direction, but she can run. She’s only been running for a few months, but she was way ahead of me. She turned around and ran back to me so many times to keep us together that she added about half a mile to her run. Seriously. I am proud of her and have no doubt at all that she can do her goal marathon in February.

The run this morning was my first workout since the Marine Corps Marathon. My legs stiffened up after the run, but I’m feeling okay now. I don’t feel rested though. And the chaffing from my sports bra hasn’t healed. This morning’s run aggravated it, turning my white clothes pink. If anyone knows of a product that helps speed up the healing process, I’d appreciate the information.

Now quit reading this and go work on whatever admittedly insane effort you want to pursue. It’s never too early or too late to get started.

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