In the pool three days in a row!

I made it up again this morning for a lovely pool workout. I did 2600 meters, much of which included drills and 100s. Ross keeps telling me that my arms are crossing my head and that I need to widen my stroke. I feel like he’s been telling me that for a couple of years now! The funny thing today was that he noticed that I was somewhat picking my head up every fourth stroke. I didn’t realize I was doing it, but that’s how I swim in triathlons so I can do my sight check. I’m sure I wasn’t actually taking my head out of the water, but that subtle head lift seems to have followed my stroke into the pool.

My current dilemma is getting a wetsuit. Jeanie sent some good information about websites offering deals. Jack and Adam’s is also offering 35% off 2007 wetsuits. I definitely need one for this race, but it’s like trying on a swimsuit – I just can’t get excited about doing it. I also had issues with trying to figure out the right size according to the charts. I’m thinking it might be better for me to go into a store and actually try them on. Yuck.

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