The EAS 10-Miler this morning was a success!

My goal was to finish in two hours, which would amount to a 12 minute pace. I finished in 1:59:40, which was an 11:58 pace. I ran the first two miles with Caroline, but I couldn’t keep up with her, so I found my own pace the rest of the way. I’m proud of myself for keeping the time where I wanted it. And it was nice to see Gilbert out there, particularly when I finished.

Gilbert is the coach for Gilbert’s Gazelles, which is a training group in Austin. The race today was in support of the Gazelle Foundation, whose current mission is to bring clean drinking water to Burundi, Africa. See if you want to learn more and get involved. That’s Gilbert at the top of the Gazelle Foundation home page. He is from Burundi and, in the early 1990s, was caught in the thick of the Tutsi-Hutu war. Gilbert has an amazing story of survival, drive, and faith. I have heard him speak about his experience, but I’d like to read his book. I’d like to know more about how he endured that season and came through it with intense hope and joy. I’d also like to smile as often and as deeply as Gilbert does.

Thanks, Gilbert, for a nice race. I hope we raised the kind of money you and the Gazelle Foundation were anticipating. Thank you, Carol, for hanging out with me this morning. Good luck running your other three miles today.

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