Another Turkey…Trot

Caroline and I joined about 12,000 other Austinites in running this year’s Turkey Trot 5 Miler. I did the run in 55 minutes on the dot, a cool 11 minute mile pace. I’m pretty pleased with that. Afterwards, we trotted up to a nearby parking garage for a top floor mimosa gathering with Fred, MJ and an assortment of others. All in all, a beautiful way to spend the morning.

Erin emailed our crew today and reminded everyone that we have exactly 7 months before the big race. I remember when we signed up, and a year sounded like a very long time. We’re already at 7 months? Can that be right?

I have got to get cranking on my training plan. I meant to spend today doing that, but I ended up spending much of the day playing poker with the kids. I think that was a more appropriate Thanksgiving Day activity than burying my nose in a book, but I do feel a tad behind now. I’ll spend some time in my books tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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