Back to Bikram

The weather this weekend didn’t cooperate at all, so rather than endure a long and cold run in the rain, I opted to do 90 minutes of yoga in a 105 degree room. It’s been about a year since I went to yoga, so today was tough. I spent half of the standing series kneeling on the floor trying not to get too dizzy. My body was incapable of bending backwards and only had limited forward motion. Clearly, I see the effect of having been away from it for quite some time. Somehow I used to make time for it every day – or at least three or four times a week. I don’t know where that time went.

I finally spent some time figuring out how to approach the next seven months. Assuming I like Texas Iron, I think I know basically what my routine will be, and it’s designed to include yoga twice a week as my strength and flexibility training. I may back off the yoga as I get into needing longer rides and runs, but for now, yoga it is. Big picture, my social life will be rather limited – and virtually non-existent on weekdays – unless my friends want to work out with me on a regular basis.

Tomorrow kicks off the new training session. I pray it won’t be freezing in the morning, as Ross and Laura cancel swim practice if the temperature is 32 degrees or less. I hope it’s at least 33 degrees. It’s not that I don’t sympathize with our coaches having to stand out there in the cold. But my view is that they should put on their suits and join us in the toasty water.

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