Where did my week go?

I suddenly looked up and realized it’s Friday.

On Tuesday, I did a morning spin class at Pure Austin. Since it’s dark early in the evenings, which makes it hard to get in a bike ride during the week, I’m planning on doing a spin class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to get a little extra time in on the bike. This Tuesday was a good start. It was only 45 minutes, but I worked hard the whole time.

Then on Wednesday, I swam again. It was roughly 2100 meters, but now I don’t recall exactly what kind of workout it was. (Am I the only one who has trouble remembering things from just two days ago?)

Thursday I did nothing because my office had a party Wednesday night that ran late and then we had dinner afterwards followed by drinks. The morning came far too early. Then I had a mediation all day Thursday that ran into the evening, so I didn’t make an evening workout either.

This morning, I did a short swim – only 1700 meters. It was mostly kicking and drills, which is why the yardage was so low. That and I overslept by about 15 minutes. But it felt good to be in the pool.

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