Where has my month gone?

Work has derailed my workouts this whole month. I did the Decker 20K on December 2. It was a long run with rolling hills and one or two monstrous hills, but it was fun. Then I practically lived at the office for a week, so I did nothing until December 8 when I did the Trail of Lights 5K. Any good effect of the Trail of Lights 5K was annihilated by the margarita and enchiladas I consumed with some girlfriends afterwards. (We all have our own Christmas traditions. That run/meal combo happens to be one of mine!)

This week has been better. I went to a spin class this morning at Pure Austin. I’m trying to make the 6am Tuesday/Thursday class a regular occurrence for me. I really like the woman who teaches on Tuesdays, and I’m hoping she teaches the Thursday class too, but I don’t know yet. Let’s hope I find out this week.

The plan for the rest of the week is swimming Wednesday morning, spin Thursday morning, Texas Iron tri-training Thursday evening, swim Friday morning, run Saturday morning, and Sunday off (or perhaps Sunday yoga). That would be a good week.

I am 28 weeks away from the big race. That doesn’t sound like much at all.

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