A good start to a rough day.

The pool felt wonderful this morning even though it was dreary, wet, and cold outside. I only swam 2200 meters, but I felt strong. I could feel the water on my hands even though I hadn’t been in the pool for a week. That was a good feeling.

I was glad I made it to the pool, but I’ve been tired ever since. Driving in, I had trouble staying awake on the road even though I had my coffee in hand. And this afternoon, I had to take a break and just sit on my couch for a few minutes to regroup and collect my head. I was so tired that I could have napped. I think my body is telling me that I’m not taking very good care of it. I need to (a) sleep more, (b) keep my exercise program in tact, and (c) try to leave the office a little earlier each night.

Tomorrow morning I plan to make the Pure Austin spin class. I’m confident I can do that. The tougher part will be making the Texas Iron workout. I have so much going on at work that it’s easy to just keep working into the night. Maybe I can pull myself away to workout and then return to the office. That’s the hope.

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