Yesterday was double good…

Jenny Lloyd and I met early yesterday morning for a run. I think we did somewhere between 3 and 4 miles, but the best part was just getting to catch up with her. She has been such an encouragement to me through all this training madness. Despite working full time and having little Libby, she has continued to remain involved in my workouts, often meeting me for a portion of my long runs or meeting me at the gym for a swim. I owe her gratitude for her time and her enthusiasm for what I’m trying to do.

Then last night, I went to my second Texas Iron session. We did another trainer session, but this time it was led by Andrea. I spent a good bit of time watching her legs so that I could try to keep up with the speed of her turnover and, honestly, I just couldn’t do it. Her “easy” spin seemed to be 90 rotations per minute at least. And you can see each muscle as she moves. If I don’t finish this event but manage to develop a body even remotely like hers, I’d be thrilled! Well, maybe that’s not true because I’d be really bummed not to finish, but looking that good would be a welcomed side effect – a bonus to a successful finish.

Today was the first in a while that I managed two workouts. I’m going to need to do more of them, which I think should be doable in the coming months. Right now, my bigger issue is backing off the chocolate at the office. We have so much junk food in the office right now and I take in so much of it that I honestly feel like I need to drink water just to wash the sugar out of my system or at least try to dilute it. I need to back off the sweets, which I plan to do after tomorrow. I say tomorrow because tomorrow is my birthday, and I know Mom’s making what will be a phenomenal cake, so I’ll have cake and *then* I’ll back off.

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