Jake hurt me this morning.

It started with a little simple jumping rope, but quickly morphed into craziness with foreign objects. Jake kept talking about explosive movements. You people know me. Is there anything explosive about how I move? Uh, no. And we did a lot of balance exercises and squats and lunges that were deeper than any squats and lunges that I’ve done before. It hurt. And now, just seven hours later, I can already tell that I’m getting sore. I’m curious as to what I’ll feel like tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t be immobilized by the pain.

Thankfully, Jake forgot about the body fat measurements, and I, of course, did not remind him.

One fun part, aside from the good kind of pain, is that I get to collect more gadgets. Working out is very gadget/stuff intensive, whatever the sport. For this training, I need to invest in a jumprope, a stability ball, and cross training shoes. I don’t remember the last time I owned a jumprope. We did two minutes of jumping rope to warm up, and my heart was racing. It never occurred to me what a great workout that can be.

All in all, I think Jake’s going to be good for me.

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