The hardest 10 minute workout ever.

Tonight, we did a killer workout. It started nicely, with just a 15 minute warmup. Then we did drills and strides, which Jamie demonstrated for me. (One of the drills looks very much like a hip hop effort, which means I stink at it, but that’s another story for another time.) Then they had us run hard for one minute, stop and rest in place for one minute, run hard back for one minute, and rest for one minute. We repeated that five times so we had ten minutes of hard running, and it hurt. My heart was pounding, and I doubled over between runs trying not to get sick. Who would have thought that ten minutes could hurt so much? But it was good for me. My body is going to learn another “gear” if it kills me.

The most fun part of the workout was that I got to see my friend Judy. We met in 2000, either through Austin Fit or during the Austin marathon. I’m pretty sure it was during the Austin marathon, but we tell different stories on that issue, so who knows? Anyway, she was there, and we got to catch up. She was my initial inspiration for doing a half-Ironman, as I saw her do the Conroe half when I went with Jeanie the year before I tried it. Judy and I are close to the same speed running, though she’s a bit faster. Since I had run a marathon with her, it encouraged me to see her do and finish her half. She finished quite well. That’s when I talked myself into giving it a try. She continues to be my inspiration for doing a whole Ironman because she did Coeur d’Alene in, I think, 2006. It might have been 2005. I remember she sent me the video of her finish, so I got to see her energy and enthusiasm even after a long day’s work. She’s just very cool. She’s a huge perk of being involved with Texas Iron.

This has been a good week of workouts. On Christmas day, Caroline and I ran about 5 and a half miles together through her neighborhood. It was a beautiful, cold morning – a perfect way to start the day. I took yesterday off from working out (because the Texas Iron schedule actually called for taking Christmas day off). Tonight I did the hard run, and tomorrow morning I have my first real session with my new trainer.

Jake, the new trainer, is going to help with my strength training. Isn’t Jake the perfect name for a trainer? He seems like a nice guy who is extremely committed to what he does and who is unwilling to tolerate clients who are less committed than he is. I think that’ll be good for me. He talks about the five key elements, which he identifies as cardio, strength, flexibility, nutrition, and professional assistance. He’s going to help me on all of them, as his view is that I only have cardio down. I’ve committed to three months of working with him. We’re doing the caliper measurements in the morning, which will be no fun at all, but I expect it’ll all get better after that.

I’ve also been thinking quite a lot about 2008. I’ve decided to theme the year. More on that later.

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