Thanks to Fred and MJ for a great ride.

To borrow from Fred lingo, yesterday, I rang out the old year with a base ride on Parmer that lasted just over two hours. We rode almost 32 miles. There were 7 of us, and I was by far the slowest, but I think I did pretty well keeping up with the group. I wasn’t right with them, but I was pretty close. And MJ rode with me much of the time even though I know she can ride faster than I do. She is so sweet and always a joy to chat with during the rides.

It was cold, so I got to use my leg warmers and gloves for the first time on the bike. It made me appreciate all the cold winter biking gear I purchased in the fall of 2006 and, until yesterday, failed to use. I need to make sure I put them to good use this winter.

This morning, I intended to do my long run for the week, but I woke up feeling tender from my workout with Jake and decided that I would be better served by a day off and a New Year’s Day long run. So that’s the plan. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do by way of a workout on New Year’s Eve, but I’ll be running the next morning with my sister. Of course, after we made those plans, I read that it’s supposed to be ridiculously cold that morning. I guess I’ll be putting my cold winter running gear to good use too.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to Fred and MJ for a great ride.

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