A happy new year so far.

Caroline and I kicked off the first morning of the new year with a 10-mile run through her neighborhood. It was an out and back course that was slightly uphill going out and slightly downhill coming back. It felt pretty easy. I’m realizing that my conditioning is such that running a bunch of miles doesn’t phase me much. I’m capable of saying, “I had an easy 10-mile run.” That’s a nice realization for this phase of my training.

I left Caroline’s and headed to the pool for a swim. The schedule called for a 30-minute easy swim. I did about 40 minutes but definitely took it easy. I only did 1500 meters. I started with a 200 meter warmup, followed by 500 meter pull, 500 meter kick, and then another 300-meter swim. Short and sweet. The water temperature was 77, which is about five degrees colder than I like it, but it wasn’t terrible, and it did feel good to stretch out my legs with a post-run swim.

This evening, I have my second trainer session with Jake. I’m hoping we’ll focus on arms because my legs are still pretty tender from our first session. Frankly, I’m feeling a little worn right now, but I think that’s because I was out late. Tonight I plan to go to sleep early.

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