Do I really need strong arms?

Well, Tuesday evening Jake proceeded to abuse my upper body. My back and arms hurt the way my legs were hurting over the weekend. He tells me it’ll hurt less and less each time. I sure hope so. He had me doing some pretty crazy things. The most laughable was when he had me in a push up position – so on the floor as though I’m at the top of a push up – holding ten pound weights in each hand and I had to lift one arm at a time off the ground. I think I managed four of them before I collapsed. Then he demonstrated the same exercise only he was using 60 pound weights and cranked them out like they were nothing. Little snot.

Yesterday, I took off to give my body a chance to recover. I realized that I hadn’t built in any off days to my schedule, so I modified Wednesday to be a swim or off day. And yesterday I just needed it off. (Plus, we aren’t back on our swim schedule at Twin Creeks yet. It picks back up tomorrow.)

This morning, I was still extremely sore from Jake, but I didn’t want to skip my workout so I went for a walk in my neighborhood. Thanks to my nifty new Forerunner (Thanks, Caroline!), I know I walked 1.28 miles. The cold hurt some, but it wasn’t too bad, and it was just enough movement to loosen me up a bit. And it reminded me of the times in law school when Wesley Johnson would come to my apartment early in the morning so we could walk. Then we’d clean up and head to class together. I need to track her her down.

Tonight, I’m running with Texas Iron. Let’s hope the workout is slightly less brutal than last week’s one minute on/one minute off business.

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