I hit a bit of a road bump today in my training…

…and may have broken my arm. We were riding down Old San Antonio Road when I moved slightly to the right to ease into a Walgreens parking lot. The curb wasn’t level with the street, and it didn’t register in my head that it was so unlevel that I should come at the curb more perpendicular. I eased parallel into it and went down on my right side. It hurt my arm and elbow, but I didn’t think it was terrible so we rode another half hour. After I got home, it really ached and hurt to move, so I went to a nearby Urgent Care. They are calling it a fracture, but they are sending me to an orthopedic specialist to confirm the break. It’s apparently on the edge of the bone at the elbow.

I’m hopeful that maybe the specialist will say something different. Maybe it’s just sore and needs a few days or weeks to heal. That’s my prayer. I would consider being benched for any amount of time a setback in my training, but that doesn’t mean the game is over. Let’s see what the doctor says on Monday.

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