It’s not broken!

The orthopedic surgeon I saw this morning said that it’s not broken. It’s just very badly bruised and will be tender for a while. He removed the cast and instructed me to practice bending at the elbow and then straightening my arm and also turning my hand from palm up and palm down to help restore the range of motion. I’m not supposed to jog or put pressure on it for a couple of weeks. I’m just supposed to move and stretch it. Hopefully, when I go back in two weeks, the range of motion will be there, and I can go back to running and beginning to bike and swim. For now, I’m limited to walking and doing spin classes (so long as I don’t put any weight on my arm). I’m okay with scaling back my workouts for a couple of weeks. I just didn’t want my plans totally derailed!

Thank you for everyone for your concern. I’ll be bugging you to run with me again soon!

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