I’m doing a bit better.

My range of motion is starting to come back. I took it easy all last week. Then yesterday I went for a three mile walk and followed that with a pretty tough spin class at Pure Austin. I tried hard to minimize the pressure I put on my arm during the class, but it felt tender after the class and is slightly more tender today. I think I’d be better served this week by just riding a stationary bike without the added up down pressure of a guided class.

The good news is that I can tell that my arm is getting better in that I can reach my head with it to wash my hair. And I can hold a phone up to my ear. And I’m able to pour coffee, as long as the pot isn’t entirely full. I can start my car and release my parking break. I can open a twist off water bottle. I can do lots of things! I’m seeing bits of progress, so I’m encouraged. I just need it to heal so I can get back to my regular mode of operation.

I’ve really missed my routine this week. I didn’t realize just how much my life and schedule had revolved around my workouts and the people associated with my workouts. I will be thrilled to get back into that routine.

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