I’m sore again and couldn’t be happier!

So after I got my clearance to work out again on Monday, I went to yoga that evening. It was tough, especially the moves that really stretched the arms, but I loved doing it. And I bumped into Jeanie, which is always a treat! She was doing the class that followed mine.

Then on Tuesday morning, I jumped back into the pool and swam 2100 with Nitro, a program in Cedar Park. I really enjoyed it. Because of my arm, I didn’t complete the workout (which called for a total of 4100 meters), but I’m proud of what I did. And the coach and other swimmers were all really nice. I was most impressed that the coach offered to help me out of the water without my having to ask. I had been wondering how I was going to get out of the water water hurting my arm given that there were no ladders or anything. As soon as I took my cap off, he was right there offering to take my good hand and pull me out. Now that’s attentive!

Then Tuesday evening I had my fourth session with Jake. Again he hurt me. We focused on my legs and did many many variations of a squat. My body aches, but I’m so glad. I’m just thrilled to be working out again.

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