I am finally whole again.

This morning I went to Lifetime Fitness with Michelle. I had planned to run for 45 minutes on the treadmill, but I found that my body heartrate got too high when I tried that. So I ended up running five minutes, walking five minutes, running five minutes, etc. It felt wonderful to be doing something – anything – again, but it also showed me how out of sorts I am given the events of the past month.

The big question ahead of me is whether I run the Austin marathon. I haven’t really run since new years day when Caroline and I had a great run. (If I remember right, we did ten miles.) Then I had two weeks of no workouts and then another two weeks disrupted by sickness. So now I’m two weeks out from the marathon and feeling completely unprepared. I’m thinking I should try it anyway, just as a training run. I might be miserable, but I think I’ll be more miserable if I end up having to skip it.

I think my plan is to focus these next two weeks on running. If I can run three or four times this week and get a reasonably long run in next weekend, then I think I can do it.

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