Where have I been for the last nine days?

Swamped. Just swamped. But I need a mental break and have much goodness to report.

I have been able to work out seven out of the last eight days. On the 7th, I did a Texas Iron track workout and then met Michelle at the gym to walk on the treadmill and bike. On the 8th, I ran with Jenny and then had a session with Jake. On the 9th, I swam at Barton Springs and acquired a wetsuit! On the 10th, I ran the first part of the marathon course with Texas Iron. I took the 11th off. On the 12th, I ran with Jenny and then had a session with Jake. On the 13th and today, I swam. All good. All fun. I’m grateful for my health and the ability to be active again.

I’m noticing though that the workout schedule I anticipated around New Years isn’t playing out like I expected. Here’s a modification:

Monday: Swim (am) or OFF
Tuesday: Run (am), Lift (am)
Wednesday: Swim (am), Spin (pm)
Thursday: Swim (am), Texas Iron (pm)
Friday: Run (am), Lift (am)
Saturday: Swim (am), Bike (am)
Sunday: Run (am), Yoga or Bike (pm)

Let’s see if this works better.

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