After a weekend of rest, I’m ready to go.

I flew to Pittsburgh this weekend to visit a high school classmate, so I had two restful days off. The travel wasn’t terribly restful, but I did come home feeling rejuvenated. Time with friends – especially good friends – is always worth the journey.

I rested (actually worked) on Monday. Then this morning, I had my session with Jake where we focused on my upper body. It’s tired, and I will hurt tomorrow, but I love my sessions with Jake. I didn’t run, partly because last night was a late night but mostly because Jenny wasn’t available to run with me. She makes getting up to run in the dark an easy thing to do, but without her…I stink at it. I need to remind myself that my race is less than four months away. The fear has to kick in soon to help me overcome simple things like others not always being available on my schedule!

Tomorrow, I plan to swim in the morning and then hit the gym for a spin session after work.

Fun news looking ahead…Marline and I are doing a ride this weekend in Bastrop, and next weekend I’ll be at the Texas Iron Endurance Camp in Kerrville. Much much fun.

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