I’m feeling motivationally challenged.

On Friday morning, I met Jenny for our usual morning run, and then had a session with Jake, both of which felt fantastic. Then Saturday, Marline, Poppe and I did the Pedal Thru the Pines ride. It was my first time back out on the bike since I hurt my arm in January. I’d been on my trainer, but not on the open road, so I was a bit nervous. The crowd was large, which made the start especially hairy, but I survived without a fall. I needed to do something before training camp, so I wouldn’t be hopping on my bike for the first time there.

This morning, I meant to get up for a run, but I slept in. I’m tired from doing a whole lot of work right now, and I don’t see an end in sight where work is concerned. Somehow, in that, I have to find the will to work out as often as I know I need to work out. I just haven’t been very good about that lately.

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