Thanks to Texas Iron for a fantastic weekend.

After a long and stressful week leading up to the Endurance Camp, I made it to Kerrville and had a great time. On Thursday, we did a trail run and some core work. On Friday, I biked 31 miles, ran about 45 minutes, and swam about 20 minutes. On Saturday, we did an 80 mile ride through some pretty tough hill country and then swam just a bit in the Guadalupe before doing a bit of core work. Then on Sunday, I ran ten miles before heading back to Austin. It was a wonderful weekend of lots of exercise, lots of food, and lots of sleep. I gained a new appreciate for the “hill” in “hill country.” At the end of each day, I was so tired that my roommate and I did not stay awake to see 10:00 p.m. roll around on any night. I think we were even in bed at 8:30 one night! The best part, though, was that I got to know a bunch of the folks from Texas Iron. I think the weekly workouts will feel more like home for me from here on out.

The sad news is that I came home on Sunday to be with Skylar in the hospital. It’s not entirely clear what was wrong with him, but he was limp and nonresponsive after being totally normal just the night before. His temperature was terribly low, and even after they warmed him up, he remained limp. The vet said that, given that he had been losing his vision, had different sized pupils, and was totally nonresponsive, odds were that he had something going on in his brain that was affecting his ability to function. After a couple of hours of holding him and talking to him, I made the decision to put him to sleep. So my sweet little old man is gone. Mom and Dad buried him in Henly near where I will one day build a house.

My house is without Skylar, but it isn’t empty. Marline and Armineh went to the Humane Society on Sunday and adopted a little black shorthaired boy. I went back the next day and met and adopted his sister, so I have two kitties at home. Their names are Bread and Butter. They are skittish for now but terribly sweet. I don’t know what Skylar would think of them, but I’m working on moving the three of us out to Henly to be near him.

It’ll be nice to be in a new house in the hill country with my kitties and my little old man. Once I’m out there, it’ll be like training in Kerrville every day. Gotta love those hills.

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