All did not go well this week.

I didn’t get my run in after work on Monday. On Tuesday, I had a trainer session with Jake. I had a 2 am sort of night Tuesday night, so I skipped my swim on Wednesday. On Thursday, I caught up on my sleep and, as a result, skipped my swim. Then I had to work late and ended up missing my Texas Iron workout, which I really didn’t expect to make because it started at 6 up north rather than the usual 6:30 near downtown.

This morning was the bright spot of my week. I met Jenny for a run (possibly 3.5 or 4 miles) and then had a trainer session with Jake. We did lower body, and he exhausted me. I really enjoy my sessions with him because he makes me think about muscles and identifying the ones that are working with any given exercise. It’s good for me.

This weekend will be a big workout weekend for me. I’m planning to swim and bike tomorrow and then bike again on Sunday. I may even try to make yoga on Sunday depending on what my family’s doing for Easter.

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