I so love the water.

This morning, we did an interesting set that ended with fast 200s. After a 200 warmup, we went twice through the following:

200 Distance per stroke
2×25 Kick fast
200 Build
2×25 Kick fast
200 Distance per stroke
2×25 Kick fast
200 Fast
100 Easy

My first 200 Fast was 3:28. My second 200 Fast was 3:14. I was pretty pleased with that. I think I could have gone even faster had we done a third set. I think the elongated swimming with the distance per stroke swims really helped.

Aside from being in the pool, this has been a good week generally. I ran with Jenny on Tuesday and followed that with a lifting session with Jake. We did upper body work, and I’m still tender from it. I think I did a good job of isolating the muscles he wanted me to isolate, and he did a good job of pushing.

This weekend, I have a race in Galveston. I’m not concerned about the distance, but I am concerned about the water. Between oysters, jellyfish, and oil pollution, I could be talked into staying in town for the Capital 10K. Should be fun though. It’ll be my first race in my wetsuit.

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