So much has happened in the last week.

I’ll address it all chronologically.

Last Friday, I somehow overslept and missed my run with Jenny, but I had a good lifting session with Jake.

On Saturday morning, I swam 3100 with the masters group. I can’t remember the details of the big set, but I was – at the time – very impressed with myself for doing it and for doing it well!

Then I got packed to head to Galveston to do a half-Ironman, but my heart just wasn’t in going. I was tired from work, dreading the saltwater, and drained at the thought of driving there Saturday afternoon only to do a long race the next day and drive home late in the evening. It was feeling like too much on top of everything else. So I talked to Catherine about it since we were planning to go together. She’d been having a hectic time of things as well, so we decided to not to go. Instead, we stayed in Austin and did the half Ironman distances over the weekend. So Saturday afternoon, we rode what ended up being 58 miles. Then Sunday morning, we ran independently and then met up for the Capital 10K, which was a lot of fun. Then we went to Barton Springs and swam 1600 (a bit shy of the half Ironman swim) in our wetsuits. All in all, it ended up being a wonderful, restful weekend.

I took Monday off. Happy birthday, Aren!

Then today, I did some good training. I ran 3.5 miles with Jenny. Then I had a session with Jake. Then I swam 2750 with my group. It was a wonderful morning, though I have to admit that my legs were pretty tired for the swim. I wish I could do something like that every single day.

I’m feeling good about where I am. I know the single most important thing I can do between now and June 22 is spend as much time as possible on the bike. For that reason, I got a headlamp, and Marline got me a tail blinker – one that’s bigger than what I’ve currently got because she’s a concerned big sister. My plan is to start riding to my swim sessions, which would add about 20 miles a pop. I’m not sure how smart that is given the time of day and the possible traffic, but I’m going to try it out. I’m thinking it’ll be fine.

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