Poppe is so very fun.

Last night, it was looking windy and stormy, so rather than ride South Mopac, Poppe and I rode trainers in my garage. We rode for 75 minutes, but it felt like only 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe how fast it went and how much fun it was to pedal and gab. I’ve missed seeing a lot of Poppe so it was good to hang out with her, and she got to meet Bread and Butter!

This morning, I did a session with Jake to work my upper body and then I swam. I missed my run because I wasn’t feeling up to facing the rain, but I still had a solid morning. I’m liking the two-a-days that are becoming pretty regular for me.

The plan this weekend is to bike tomorrow, followed by a short run. Then on Sunday, I’ll do a long run, followed by a short swim. Should be nice. I’ll see Marline, Poppe, Fred and MJ! Good times.

One thought on “Poppe is so very fun.

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