The week started a bit bumpy but has much improved.

My week started with an attempted run on Sunday morning on Lady Bird Lake. I got up early, got dressed, drove down to the trails, got out of the car…and realized I was wearing two totally different shoes. One was a running shoe. The other was a flat soled tennis shoe that I wear for my strength training. Either I was sleepy while dressing or I was completely distracted by Bread’s playfulness with my shoelaces. I believe the problem was the latter (but love him dearly anyway). So I had to abandon the trail run and Barton Springs swim to drive all the way back home to fix the shoe situation. I ended up running down Anderson Mill to Parmer and back. It ended up not being a bad run, but it certainly wasn’t as nice as being on the trails, and I ended up missing the girls. I hope everyone had a good workout, whether it was on the trail or elsewhere.

My week has gone much more smoothly since then. I’ve had a couple of strong swims, a good run, a hard lifting session, and tonight I’ll be on the bike. My schedule calls for a pretty easy weekend, so I’ll get a little bit of a mental and physical break from it all over the next few days.

There’s a guy from my training group who is doing IM Arizona this weekend. His goal is to qualify for Kona. He has cut hours off his time over the last few years, so his goal is very much within reach. I believe he can do it, and look forward to hearing about that adventure. If you think about it, say a little prayer for him. His name is Brent.

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