Time is flying!

The race is less than ten weeks away, and the nerves are kicking in! I can’t believe we’re this close.

Last week was a recovery week. This week has been much tougher. I did a track workout Monday and a lifting session Tuesday. Jake and I did lower body, so my legs were generally pretty pooped. Then today, I swam this morning, ran after work, and then did a trainer session with Poppe. I think I’m on empty right now, and my thighs are sore.

Isn’t this fun? It really is, though the reports may sometimes sound like complaints. I realized today that I’d really missed running on the trails and felt energized by the multiple workouts even though I’m physically wiped out. I knew this week would be harder than last and I complicated things by doing yesterday’s bike workout today. That may have been a mistake, but there are worse mistakes I could have made, right? Worse ways to spend my time? Worse ways to spend my money? I’m loving every minute of this.

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