A good morning. I needed that.

This last week has been difficult. My training has been good, but I’ve had to adjust my schedule some due to work, and I ended up taking the weekend easier than I’d intended as far as workouts go. It’s hard as we get closer to the race to not get frustrated with life’s interruptions, good or bad. I’d like to be able to focus 100% on training and resting, though I know that’s completely unrealistic. More than anything, I need to be diligent about leaving work to make my evening workouts and then coming back to work so that both work and my workouts get done.

Yesterday, I swam in the morning but didn’t make my run after work. I plan to make it up today. I ran a few miles this morning and did a session with Jake, but I’m planning to leave work about 6 today so I can run Lady Bird Lake for an hour or so before heading up to see Michelle, Joslin and Jessica. I’m be joining them smelly and gross, but I think they’re used to that by now!

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