Less than six weeks to go…

Can that be right? What was once a year away is now less than six weeks away. Unbelievable.

I was emailing over the weekend with a friend who has done Arizona. He was telling me about transition bags and the changing tent and recommending that I take the extra few minutes to change into bike shorts and fresh running clothes. I need to sit him down and say, “What else do I need to know?” I think I would benefit quite a bit from his experience. His and Judy’s. She has also offered to take me to dinner for a pre-race hurrah and information fest. Jeanie – she’d like you to join us too.

This week, training has been good. I ended up taking Mother’s Day off because my body was tired after Saturday. Truth be told, my mind was tired too, so I gave myself a chance to breath. I went out to Henly with the family and got to visit my sweet Skylar’s resting place.

Then on Monday, I swam 3300 in the evening. The big set we did was 3 400s, which I did on 7:15, 6:57, and 6:44. I was pretty pleased with how effortless it felt. Then we did 10 50s on a minute, and I managed to keep those between 45 and 47 seconds each. All in all, it was a great workout. I’m feeling pretty good about our open water race this weekend.

After I swam, I hit the gym for a painfully boring stationary bike ride. I played little games with myself, all geared towards passing the time, keeping my cadence up, and helping keep me on a 15 minute pace. I ended up at closer to a 16 minute pace at the end of the hour. I was pleased. I finished about 10pm and was so energized that I didn’t manage to get to sleep until about midnight.

This morning, I didn’t feel at all rested from my late night workout but I still managed to run with Jenny for 3.5 miles and then have my lifting session with Jake. Thankfully we did upper body.

That’s it for me today, so I get the whole rest of the day to recover. I need to eat well and try to get to bed early so I can make my swim and run in the morning. I’m very good at convincing myself that I need more sleep. I just need to get better about convincing myself earlier in the evening rather than early in the morning.

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