Five weeks and counting…

This was a big weekend for me. On Saturday, I did a 2.4 mile open water swim in 1 hour and 26 minutes. I followed the swim with a 48 mile bike ride with my friends Judy and Ainsley. I only got off the bike to make Aren’s final baseball game of the season. Much to my delight, I felt really good coming off the bike.

This morning I did a 25 mile ride just to get my legs working again. I probably should have run this morning instead of biking, but I’m feeling like I need every minute I can get on the bike during these final days.

The best part of the weekend as far as the Ironman goes is that I spent about two and a half hours with Judy today picking her brain on what to take, what to wear, and what to do when I’m there. It was most helpful. Plus, I got to watch her athlete video and the video she made of her experience. Both were extremely inspiring. I’m so looking forward to the big day!

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