The excitement is building.

I now have a house in Coeur d’Alene. Or at least I believe I do. I’m working out the final details for it, but I have every reason to believe it’ll work out. It’s supposed to be just a few blocks from the transition area, which will be easy for me and for my family while I’m out on the course. I’m struggling a little to believe that I really have come this far.

I have just a few more weeks or hard training. This week is relatively light on my schedule. I rested yesterday. This morning I lifted. Tonight, I’ll swim. Tomorrow I’m swimming, then running with my sister (6 miles) and then doing a short (maybe 1 hour) ride. The Then on Thursday, I’ll do a swim in the morning and, if I make the training group workout, a brick workout in the evening. Friday is supposed to be an off day, but I’ll do my session with Jake. It should make for a good week.

I’m still processing all the information Judy gave me over the weekend. I have much planning to do still – clothing, gear, transition bags, special needs bags, nutrition, etc. But the fun is in the details, right? Or is that the devil?

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