A recap of the last week.

Last Sunday (a week ago), I did Captex. It took me about 3 and a half hours, which is what I normally do, but I felt much better at the finish than I have in the past. Usually I’m so ready for it to be over. This time, I felt strong. I’m convinced my work is paying off.

On Monday, the day after the race, I did a long run around the lake. It was hot. I was slow. It’s safe to say that was my worst run ever.

On Tuesday, I had my session with Jake.

On Wednesday, I ran with Caroline.

On Thursday, I did nothing. Work was busy (which is why I’ve had no posts this week).

On Friday, I ran and had a session with Jake.

On Saturday, I did 65 miles on my bike in the hill country. It was tough.

Today, I ran 14 miles. I ran 7 with Jenny and then another 7 on my own. I’m pleased with my solo 7 because it was hot, and I was tempted to walk, but I really pushed myself to keep moving. That’s what I’m going to need to do at the race in just a few weeks.

The week wasn’t terribly productive, as I had no time in the pool and only one session on the bike, but I’m pleased with my weekend.

I need work to settle down a bit so I can get all my workouts in and try to rest and recover before the race.

It’s just three weeks away. Unbelievable. With any luck, exactly three weeks from now, I’ll be crossing the finish line hearing, “Taline Manassian, you are an Ironman!” Of course, it could be three weeks from two hours from now, if you give me until midnight and account for the time change. I’ll take it either way.

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