My bike is out of my hands.

I dropped it off at Jack and Adam’s this morning so that TriBike Transport could drive it to Coeur d’Alene for me. My hands were shaking as I was trying to fill out the tags. I can’t believe that I won’t see it for the next week and that, when I do, I’ll be in Coeur d’Alene. That’s shocking. The best part was that I ran into both Jeanie and Malinda this morning at the bike shop. They were dropping off bikes too. It was good to see them both in such a stressful moment!

So now what? I need to try to relax, get some sleep, stay healthy, and pack. That sounds easy enough. So why are my hands shaking as I type?

2 thoughts on “My bike is out of my hands.

  1. I’m excited and nervous for you and trying not to be the big sister all at the same time. Bummed I won’t be there watching you and cheering you on, but Bread, Butter and I will be cheering you on from here every step of the way. I’m proud of every thing you have done so far, and I’m trying not to cry as I write this. Love you.

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