So Lake Placid is a no go…

…unless I sign up through the Community Fund. The race filled up on site so the only way to do it is to apply for a Community Fund spot, which means I pay the registration fee and make a donation that’s a little more than the registration fee. Then I could have a spot, assuming they get my application in time, and I would have made a tax deductible donation and done some good for the Lake Placid area. Should I do it? I’m trying to talk Jeanie into doing it with me because I can’t imagine doing an Ironman without her, but I’m not sure where she’ll land on the issue.

We could try for another race later in the summer, but that means training all summer. I’m not a big fan of the summer heat, which is why Lake Placid seems quite perfect…but for the whole filling up on site thing, of course. So Community Fund or no Community Fund? Any thoughts?

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