I ran the NYC half marathon this weekend.

Since I have tried and tried to get into the NYC marathon and have had no luck, I decided to run the half NYC hosts in July. It was this past Sunday and was a very cool race. Almost seven miles of the run was through Central Park. We also got to run through Times Square and ended up in Battery Park. I ran it in 2:39, at an average page of 12:17, which is pretty good for me given the distance. I was expecting to be closer to 3 hours. Mostly, I think I did pretty well because my friend Kevin (an Exeter classmate) ran the whole way with me, even though he is tons faster than I am. It was a great way to hang out with him and wonderful excuse for a weekend in NYC. Mom, Armineh and I went. We ate, shopped, did some touristy things and saw the Lion King. It was a gift of a weekend.

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