Tennis and Canada.

I did end up signing up for a tennis league with Corky and friends. It starts next weekend, though I’m not sure when I’ll actually play. I had a little surgery this past Thursday that has benched me for the time being. I’m walking, but just barely. Mom has been a super nurse, but I can only take so much of being cooped up. I’m home this week and hopeful that by the weekend, I’ll be out of the house. Even if I’m not 100%, I’d like to be running short distances or at least able to drive again. We’ll see.

Just before I went into the hospital, there was an announcement from Ironman that a few spots for Ironman Canada would be made available online on Friday, August 29. I was still going to be in the hospital at that time, so I equipped Caroline with all the information she needed to try to sign me up. She tried, but I didn’t get in. I’m not surprised. I’m sure the demand was great for however few spots they had.

Next week, I’ll be trying to get into Ironman Wisconsin. Keep your fingers crossed for that one. I need to get in, if for no other reason than to be able to quit wondering what’s next.

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