It was another good night in the pool.

I ended up doing 2800 tonight and again felt wonderful. Even better, I’m meeting Jenny in the morning to go for my first run since surgery. I’m about 95% sure it’ll feel just fine, but she’s willing to walk with me if I need to slow things down.

I desperately need to get back to my routine. I called Jake today about getting back on his training schedule starting next week. I also called Caroline today about figuring out a regular morning for the two of us to run together. Between Jenny, Jake and Caroline, I should get some good mid-week workouts in. Then it’s up to me to make the swims and weekends count.

The plan for this weekend is to swim and do a spin class on Saturday morning and to play some tennis both Saturday and Sunday mornings. All of that activity will tell me tons about where I am right now. I want to get my fitness back, but I also want to drop some weight again. I can tell from how my clothes are fitting that I’ve put some weight back on. That stinks!

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