I think I’m back.

So last I blogged, I had not yet gone running. But the next morning, Jenny and I did a nice easy run. Then over the weekend, I got up early Saturday and went for a swim and followed my swim with a spin class. Then on Sunday I played tennis. I had twinges of hurt, especially with tennis, but nothing horrible. Then this week, I swam on Tuesday and Wednesday and did the Texas Iron run on Thursday night. That run felt better than my run with Jenny. I was winded, but my body was happy to be moving. I feel like I’m back.

I’m sad to miss the Ironman 70.3 this weekend, but I’ll be working the water stop. It should be fun to gather with my Texas Iron friends and perhaps make some new ones. They were very supportive last night during the run. It reminded me how important it can be to train with and around others. People add quite a lot to the adventure.

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