Today I had one of my best swims in a long time.

This morning, I went to Nitro. I didn’t go to the usual 5:30 session. I went a little later in the morning, and somehow was the only person there for the masters swim. Essentially, I got a private lesson. Coach Mike pushed me through two sets of 8 100s. I did the first set on 2:00 and was holding pretty consistently around 1:39 each. He had me doing the second set on 1:55, where I continued to hold around 1:39, until the last few. He pushed me down to 1:34, 1:30 and 1:27 for the last three. Granted those are not super fast times, but they are pretty fast for me, especially considering how little time I’m spending in the pool these days. Back when I was swimming 6 days a week, I got to where I could do 10 100s on 1:30, just barely. It was tough, and it was so long ago that I didn’t really think I could get back to that conditioning again. Now I’m thinking maybe I can.

By the way, volunteering for Longhorn was a lot of fun. I ended up really liking my costume. See below.

Think we laughed a bit? Sure did.

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