Run, run, weekend, fat.

I ran with Texas Iron tonight. I’m guessing that in total we did somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 miles. We ran the trails for warmup, did some drills, and then did some loops where we alternated going hard and going easy. It was a pretty good workout, though I felt totally winded much of the time. Even though I’ve been in the pool and am not in terrible shape, I’m certainly not in running shape. I need to get the running in gear, though because the Distance Challenge series is starting in just over a week!

I’m running with Jenny in the morning. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to push through at a decent pace. She’s a good running partner for me because she is so much faster. And I really do look forward to the time with her.

This weekend, I have a lot planned. On Saturday, I’m going to swim with my masters program and then hit a spin class at my gym. Then on Sunday, I’m going to run with Poppe and possibly hit a yoga class in the afternoon, depending on how my work looks. I want an activity filled weekend. My body craves it. Plus the NYC Half t-shirt I got in July is now a little tight! I need to get back to pre-Coeur d’Alene weight.

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