The weekend was pretty stinkin’ great.

I did the workouts I had planned, except for yoga this afternoon. Napping with Bread and Butter took priority over that one. But my swim, spin class, and run all happened.

The big set on the swim was a timed 30 minute effort. I did 1775, which was pretty good, but I fell back from the woman in the lane next to me at about 1200 meters. She ended up a full length of the pool ahead of me, so my goal this week is going to be to stay with her during workouts.

The spin class was tough. We need a lot of steady climbing, and I pushed myself pretty hard, probably a little harder than I usually do. I was drenched when it was all done.

My run this morning was at a comfortable pace. I think we were moving a little slower than we usually do, so I’m thinking I might have still been a little tired from yesterday.

Today, once I got home from church, I didn’t leave the house again. I did a bunch of housework, reading, and stuff for Toastmasters. And I spent a lot of time thinking about goals for the next six months. Obviously relevant here are speed goals. I’m not sure what my goals should be, but I know that I need them. I’m not sure what the plan is, but I know I need to get one. More later. But that’s the direction I’m heading.

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