This week has been not so great.

My workouts have been nonexistent except for a 6 mile run with Caroline yesterday. For some reason, on Saturday mornings, I have no problem getting out of bed at 5:15 to make a 5:45 swim, but during the week, 5:00 a.m. comes way too early. Why is that? I need to find my determination again. I’d settle for rediscovering my fear of failure. That certainly got me moving for months on end!

I’m super mad at myself because I have put on every bit of the weight I lost training for Coeur d’Alene. I weighed in at 123 at the race, which still wasn’t tiny, but it was pretty small for me. Funny how it took a year to lose but it came back in a matter months. Hmph. I refuse to turn 35 at this size. With the Halloween candy already in my office, the season of Thanksgiving pies ahead, and the season of Christmas sweets and meals to follow, something must be done. My birthday is 2 months and 5 days away. I have a plan.

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