A new start is on the horizon.

Last week, I had a follow up procedure to my surgery of a couple months ago and basically did nothing much of the week. I rode my bike very briefly Sunday morning to test out the Felt B12, but that was it. Probably the most significant step I took towards training was asking Andrea to set me up for one-on-one training towards Canada. It’ll be expensive, but since I don’t have friends doing this race, I think it’ll help me quite a lot to work more closely with a coach. I’d like to start December 1 to give me a full 9 months of focused effort.

The agenda for this week?

Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Spin (am)
Thursday: Run (am)
Friday: Run (am), Yoga (pm)
Saturday: Swim (am), Spin (am)
Sunday: Run (am) , Ride (pm)

I’ll be testing out a Kuota K-Factor on Sunday. Then I should be ready to pull the trigger on buying a tri bike. It’s between the K-Factor, the Felt B12, or the QR Dolce/Seduza. At this point, I’m torn. A little part of me would like to try the slightly more decked out Guru just to try a Guru, though I probably don’t want to spend Guru money on my new bike. I may have to talk to the bike shop about that.

Also, the Texas Book Festival is happening this weekend. My favorite writer, Marion Winik, will be in town, so I plan to spend part of Saturday out there taking in her every word. Saturday in particular, I’m working out hard in the morning and then hurrying down to the Capital grounds to sit on my duff and just be. Should be fun.

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