Bikes, bikes and more bikes.

So this whole tri bike shopping thing has been fun. I’ve tried the Kuota K-Factor SL, the QR Dolce, and the Felt B12. Jack, Thomas and Drew at Jack and Adam’s have been wonderfully patient with me through the whole process. I went in today asking about Guru bikes, thanks to a conversation with Judy about the personalization that occurs with a Guru. Drew gave me lots of good information and basically let me know that I’m looking at great bikes and should only consider Guru if I want to have fun with building a bike and exploring paint jobs and whatnot. Despite Drew’s affirmation of my existing three choices, I walked out of the store half convinced that I needed to spend way too much money on a Guru, so I called my sister Marline for a reality check. By the time I got off the phone with her, I decided to give myself one of the three this time and gift myself a Guru or its equivalent in 5 years after I’ve done 5 Ironman races. Fair enough?

All of that to say that I’m going back in tomorrow to get fitted for the Kuota one more time. I’ll give it a couple of test rides over the next few days. Hopefully by Sunday I will have made a decision and will be the proud owner of a new…something. Fun fun!

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