This one is a mixed bag.

So last week I took it pretty easy because of my knee. I hurt it playing tennis and stayed off it for a few days. On Thursday, I did an easy treadmill run/walk, and it still felt weak. So Friday, I did a spin class in the morning rather than doing my usual run with Jenny. Then that night, I went to yoga, which I always love. I don’t know if any of that was good for the knee, but it didn’t feel terrible. Saturday I did the Wurst Ride, which was a relatively flat 62 miles followed by a brief stint at Wurst Fest. On Sunday, I did a very slow Run for the Water 10 Miler to support Gilbert and the Gazelle Foundation. And I do mean very slow. So slow that when I saw Gilbert at Runtex later that morning, he said, “Taline, why did you not run fast?” Ouch.

Last night, I met with Jamie about one-on-one tri training. He encouraged me to make an appointment to have the knee checked out, so I’m going to Dr. Breazeale on Friday. Until then, I plan to take things pretty easy. I took yesterday off and will do the same today. Tomorrow, I’ll do a spin class. Thursday, I will probably swim. On Friday, I hope to run with Jenny before going in to see Dr. Breazeale. The weekend will depend entirely on what Dr. Breazeale has to say. If I have my way, I’ll swim and do a spin class on Saturday and go for a bike ride on my new and cool bike on Sunday.

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